Initial setup

Once Luna plugin gets installed into a project, it is recommended to start with opening Luna UI via Tools > Luna Export in main Unity menu:


This will open a Luna UI interface which looks like this:


The only mandatory thing to change in this UI before starting working with Luna is to select which scenes should be built by Luna and (optionally) choose a startup scene.

Luna UI will display a list of all scenes currently configured in Unity's Build Settings window (which can be opened via File > Build Settings). This is neccessary for Luna to be able to discover the list of scenes and also to be able to gather the assets and scripts used by those scenes.

Please note Luna's startup scene is configured separately via Luna UI just below the list of all scenes.

This is done intentiationally so that playable scenes can live side by side with main game without affecting it.

It's always best to start incrementally, i.e. create a simple playable scene with little to no logic and choose that for the export to make sure other pieces of the pipeline are set up properly. It is possible to get back to this UI at any time and make any changes as it becomes required.

Once you have chosen scenes to be exported by Luna, it is ready to export your project.