Export failures

Apart from code compilation errors, which can happen due to missing APIs or simple mistakes in the code, Luna can also fail exporting your project at different stages for several reasons. This page outlines common error messages that can appear during export and steps to take to resolve these errors.

Assets processing failed

This message appears whenever Luna's asset pipeline is unable to digest some of the assets properly. This could happen in one of four instances:

MSBuild failed

The most likely cause for this error is MSBuild not being found in the system or configuration having an invalid path to it. Please make sure you have MSBuild (along with .NET 4.5+) installed on your machine and check if the path to MSBuild executable is set up properly in Luna UI > Advanced Settings.

Invalid custom script

If the project has custom processing scripts configured (i.e. to resize a texture or compress an audio clip), and this popup appears during export, it is recommended to first try disabling those scripts. If the scripts don't write a proper output file, exit with non-zero status or crash the export process, Luna will have to stop and display this message.

Editor script error

This message will appear if there is an Editor script clashing with Luna export in some way. If that is the case, Unity's console will contain an error message with a stack trace; inspecting this should point to the script(s) causing problems. The way to resolve that would be removing the script in question or fixing it so that it does not interfere with the export process.

A bug in Luna

Although the whole export process contains an excessive amount of safety nets and fallbacks, it can be the case when there is a bug in Luna plugin that prevents the assets from being exported. Similar to the previous scenario, Unity's console would contain an error message with a stack trace originating from Luna's editor scripts namespace. If that happens, please contact us for further assistance.

Assets (Package) bundling failed

While these messages may be caused by external factors like lack of disk space or a third-party software terminating Luna process, the most probable reason is some kind of a bug inside Luna internals. Please don't hesitate to contact us in this case.